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Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?

But there is also a constitutional reason why churches are tax exempt. Our history is one of an unbroken practice of exempting churches from taxation.

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Your Church's Involvement In The 2014 Election

Pulpit Freedom Sunday is all about ensuring that pastors determine what is said from their pulpits, and not the IRS or groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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Preparing your congregation to face a hostile culture

In today's culture, Christians need to certainly be aware of the increasing attacks on people of faith. But they need to also take hope that God has raised up an alliance that stands strong together to defend the faith and the faithful.

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Why Speak Up?

Across America today, pastors and church leaders are being silenced. And when the church is silent, the culture suffers. Unleash the voice of the church and speak up.


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