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European Court of Human Rights Issues Landmark Ruling Protecting Church Autonomy

The ruling is a landmark judgment protecting churches from discriminatory treatment in Hungary, and also important for large portions of Central, Eastern and Mediterranean Europe where registration questions loom large and government intervention can be overly intrusive.

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Pastors...Rise Up

We need you to boldly preach the Gospel in your churches. 100% Biblical Truth. No wavering. No fear of backlash, IRS codes, or threats from the government. Pure God-given fortitude. The future of religious freedom could depend on you.

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Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?

But there is also a constitutional reason why churches are tax exempt. Our history is one of an unbroken practice of exempting churches from taxation.

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Why Speak Up?

Across America today, pastors and church leaders are being silenced. And when the church is silent, the culture suffers. Unleash the voice of the church and speak up.


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