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Marriage – it is the basic building block of society. Yet it is under attack like never before. Alliance Defending Freedom has fought to protect the freedom of America's pulpits because we know that the pulpit must be free to convey biblical Truth on the great moral and social issues confronting our culture. On June 9, 2013, join thousands of your fellow pastors by preaching biblical Truth about God's design for marriage.

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Pulpit Freedom Sunday is a project of the Alliance Defending Freedom but participation does not necessarily mean association with Alliance Defending Freedom. Alliance Defending Freedom reserves the right to limit representation of participants to those approved by Alliance Defending Freedom. Participation in Pulpit Freedom Sunday does not create an attorney-client relationship with Alliance Defending Freedom. Alliance Defending Freedom will timely review any request for legal representation regarding a Pulpit Freedom Sunday sermon, but reserves the right to decline legal representation based on its legal judgment. Nothing in this communication should be taken as a guarantee of legal representation, as Alliance Defending Freedom will independently evaluate each individual request for legal representation. Alliance Defending Freedom does not endorse or oppose political parties or candidates, nor does it urge allegiance to any political party or candidate.Alliance Defending Freedom  does believe that churches and pastors have the freedom to plainly speak Scriptural truth about the qualifications of candidates for public office – regardless of candidates’ political affiliation. The information contained on this website is general in nature and is not intended to provide, or be a substitute for, legal analysis, legal advice, or consultation with appropriate legal counsel. You should not act or rely on information contained in this document without seeking appropriate professional advice. The Alliance Defending Freedom, Inc., is not providing legal advice, and the use of this website is not intended to constitute advertising or solicitation, and does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Alliance Defending Freedom or between you and any Alliance Defending Freedom employee. IRS CIRCULAR 230 DISCLOSURE: Any tax advice contained in this communication was not written for the purpose of – and is not intended to be used for the purpose of – (i) avoiding penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Code; or of (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending any transaction or matter addressed herein.

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