Eastern Michigan University

Julea Ward v. Roy Wilbanks, et al.


On April 2, 2009, the ADF Center for Academic Freedom filed suit in federal district court on behalf of Ms. Ward against officials of EMU for violating her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights by dismissing her from the University. The case is currently being litigated in federal court.

Implications of Decision

Christian students should not have to abandon their faith simply to obtain a university degree. Unfortunately, more and more universities like EMU are requiring students to reprogram their minds and disavow their beliefs solely to stay in school. A victory in this case will protect the fundamental right of Christian students to believe and live out their faith and ensure them equality of opportunity on campus.

Case Documents

Julea Ward v. Roy Wilbanks, et al._ Complaint.pdf

Julea Ward v. Roy Wilbanks, et al._District Court Order.pdf

Julea Ward v. Roy Wilbanks, et al._District Court Opinion.pdf

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