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Inspired by the work of national pro-life group Justice For All (JFA), a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder created “Pro Life Ambassadors,” a campus group that shared JFA’s priorities, and then invited JFA to sponsor an event at the university.  University officials looked over the necessary paperwork, then told the student that the nature of the event would require additional security – and that the Pro Life Ambassadors would be charged $500 for that protection.

JFA put the student in touch with an Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer, who determined that the Ambassadors had a case – a public university can’t charge a student group money for security simply because the group’s message offends some people.  He sent a letter to that effect to university officials, who returned the student’s security payment and covered the cost of event security themselves.  The JFA event turned out to be a great success, prompting widespread student discussion, persuading some to change their minds on abortion, and persuading others to stand more courageously for their pro life beliefs.

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