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Andrea Bezaire - Rights of Students

When starting out at Wayne State University, I was Agnostic and pro-choice—a typical teenager who blindly followed the media. Getting a feel for college life, I soon found myself in a long conversation with the then-president of the Students for Life group. A week later, I returned with countless questions about abortion, which were all met with intelligent, understandable answers that made a lot of sense. I was soon amazed at how misinformed I had been, and felt the calling to educate the WSU student body about the global abortion genocide crisis. Little did I know I would soon give my heart to Christ and become president of the WSU Students for Life Club to reach the campus on a wider scale.

After being denied school funding and facility access—that was readily available to other campus groups—for our “Pro-Life Week” to raise awareness about abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide, a lawyer named Joe from Alliance Defending Freedom called. His patience, kindness, encouragement, and honesty while listening to me and explaining my legal options thoroughly amazed me. Also, with very low club funds, I was relieved when he assured us that we’d have no attorney fees due to the generosity of ADF donors. Still with trepidations about suing a university, I welcomed Joe’s empathy and eagerness to explain the whole legal process to me, and we worked on a demand letter. After many conversations and learning about the many loopholes the university could use, I finally decided to file suit. This was one of the most difficult and terrifying decisions in my life, but one of the best.

I am so grateful how ADF has taken the reigns, and allowed me to get back to being a student during this lawsuit. They have been gracious to answer every tedious question, and continue to make this lawsuit stronger and our group more comfortable than any secular lawyer could have ever done. Though this case isn’t completely closed yet, the University has backed down, and I know I will soon see the day when SFL can proclaim its message on campus freely. But soon, I will regretfully look back to find this gripping chapter in my life coming to an end, and will miss the genuine fellowship and relationships I made with my brothers and sisters in Christ at ADF. This experience has truly changed me for the better, and I will always remember how diligently and indefatigably ADF fights to allow students like me to live out their faith in a hostile college environment. The legal team’s patience, caring, inspiration, hope, consideration, and sacrifice will always be cherished by each and every one of us here at Students for Life as we continue to fight for life and spread the Truth.


Students, like you everyday face censorship, reprisal or punishment for Speaking Up. If you have faced this type of illegal discrimination on campus, Tell us your story of Injustice .

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