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Is Money Worth a Fight? Jefferson Thoughts


On April 13, we will celebrate Thomas Jefferson's 271st birthday, our third president and one of our Founding Fathers. I often wonder what our founding fathers would think of our culture today. A culture that tells us we must not question or go against our governing authority, even if it means going against our deeply […]

Day of Dialogue: April 10th


One event that college students and high school students all get to participate in is the annual Day of Dialogue on April 10, 2014. This is an event held every year in April and is sponsored by Focus on the Family. They encourage every student to start a dialogue about truth and Christ's great love for us with their fellow classmates.

Love in a World of Hate


If we all took a stand and spread the truth with compassion, think about the campus revolution we could start! People actually want to hear what you have to say when you show them love and compassion in the same way Jesus showed love and compassion when he was here on earth.

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